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Non-profit organizations play an integral part in shaping our local communities. Relying primarily on foundation support, contributions and volunteering from others, the faces of non-profit organizations are passionate individuals who work to support, improve and affect change in the areas in which they work. Join us each Friday to learn more about our community organizations with our Friday Focus spotlight series and help us highlight our local neighbors.

Community Bank Blog
FRIDAY FOCUS - Re-Use Barn Project, Inc.  Image

July 24, 2018

FRIDAY FOCUS - Re-Use Barn Project, Inc.

The Re-Use Barn Project, Inc. is a project that seeks to reduce the amount of good usable items from getting discarded into the landfill. All donated items are reinvested back into the community to fund scholarships, help disaster victims and support environmental community projects. This week we talked to Re-Use Barn Project representatives, Jacqueline Miller and Rick Farrell and learned a little more about The Re-Use Barn Project’s community efforts.​

FRIDAY FOCUS - The Promise Resource Center Image

July 20, 2018

FRIDAY FOCUS - The Promise Resource Center

The Promise Resource Center (PRC) is a non-profit organization looking to help provide a brighter future for children by educating and supporting their parents and caregivers. PRC has been providing parents, grandparents, foster parents and other child care providers with training and resources for the past 30 years in the tri-county area. This week we talked to Carolyn Smith, the Marketing Coordinator of The Promise Resource Center, and learned a little more about what the organization does for the community.

FRIDAY FOCUS - Charlotte Hall Veterans Home   Image

July 12, 2018

FRIDAY FOCUS - Charlotte Hall Veterans Home

Charlotte Hall Veterans Home (CHVH) is an assisted living facility that provides care and support to veterans that are unable to care for themselves. The core values of CHVH includes a caring attitude, confidentiality and privacy, effective communication and safety awareness, to ensure that the veterans feel at home. This week we talked to Carole Lewis, Director of Marketing/Communication Outreach at CHVH. She gave us details on the services that the Veterans Home provides to the community and what it’s like to be able to help serve those who have served.

FRIDAY FOCUS - Mental Health America of Fredericksburg  Image

July 6, 2018

FRIDAY FOCUS - Mental Health America of Fredericksburg

Mental Health America of Fredericksburg (MHAF) is a 501©3 charitable organization that looks to address all aspects of mental health and mental illness. They offer a variety of resources including a helpline, senior visitors program, support groups and suicide prevention education. This week we talked with Rita Girard, Executive Director of MHAF, as she details the work and services that MHAF provides to the community.

FRIDAY FOCUS - Pets in Need, Southern Maryland  Image

June 29, 2018

FRIDAY FOCUS - Pets in Need, Southern Maryland

Pets in Need, Southern Maryland is a small rescue organization that was established in October 2016. They aim to help save pit bulls/pit bull mixes that come from unfit environments and look to find them a caring home. They are a 501©3 non-profit organization so they are always appreciative of any funds that can be used to help with medical expenses, food and other supplies that can help with the well-being of these dogs. Anyone looking for a furry companion is welcome to adopt or foster one of these loving pits! This week we spoke with owner and president of Pets in Need, Kim Holt, who gave us some insight into the organization’s work.

FRIDAY FOCUS - United Way of Calvert County  Image

June 22, 2018

FRIDAY FOCUS - United Way of Calvert County

As stated as one of United Way of Calvert County’s biggest challenges, explaining “What does United Way do?” is tricky because they truly do so much for the community! Partnering with numerous local organizations to address specific needs in the community is just one of the many ways they contribute to building the community. Have you ever looked at other non-profit websites and seen the United Way logo on it? That’s because United Way is always there to lend a hand. In this week’s Friday Focus we spoke to Anjelica Eitel, Director of Community Impact to learn more about United Way of Calvert County and their upcoming Southern Maryland Balloon Festival!

FRIDAY FOCUS - Unified Committee for Afro-American Contributions   Image

June 15, 2018

FRIDAY FOCUS - Unified Committee for Afro-American Contributions

Celebrate African American heritage and culture at the Annual Juneteenth Celebration, June 16 with the Unified Committee for Afro-American Contributions (UCAC). The UCAC documents, researches and increases awareness for African American contributions in St. Mary’s County. Through their educational programs, seminars, panels and more they share the history of those before us and create understanding of African American culture. We caught up with Mike Brown, President of UCAC to learn more about their community outreach.  

FRIDAY FOCUS - Greenwell Foundation  Image

June 8, 2018

FRIDAY FOCUS - Greenwell Foundation

Looking for a great place to visit this Summer? Check out Greenwell Foundation! The Greenwell Foundation provides outdoor educational, environmental and therapeutic programs for all ages. Located on the water inside the Greenwell State Park, the foundation offers fun Summer Camps, an Equestrian Program full of horseback rides and lessons, nature trails and so much more. In this week’s Friday Focus, we had the pleasure of hearing from Jolanda Campbell, Executive Director of Greenwell Foundation, about their new Half-Day Discovery Camp for children ages 4-6.

FRIDAY FOCUS - Dawkins Dreams  Image

May 31, 2018

FRIDAY FOCUS - Dawkins Dreams

Insurance is great but it doesn’t cover the daily expenses such as food, parking, gas to and from hospitals, childcare, leave from work and more that occurs when you have an ill child. Dawkins Dreams was created to help raise money for families of ill children with expenses that are not covered by health insurance. Clare Briscoe-Cruppernink founded Dawkins Dreams after experiencing this first-hand when her son was diagnosed with a rare cancer known as a myxoid mesenchymal tumor. After discovering financial assistance is needed by many other families while their child is undergoing treatments for different illnesses, Clare dedicated her time to providing for these families. Help Dawkins Dreams raise money for more families with their upcoming fundraiser Color Blast 5k and Festival on June 2. Learn more about Dawkins Dreams in this week’s Friday Focus!

FRIDAY FOCUS – Southern Maryland Vacation for Vets (V4V)  Image

May 24, 2018

FRIDAY FOCUS – Southern Maryland Vacation for Vets (V4V)

Veterans who have served our Country sometimes come home wounded or depressed, and integrating back into society can be a challenge. Recovery is a long road and can mean considerable amount of time spent in a hospital or Center. Vacation for Vets (V4V) helps alleviate the challenges by offering Veterans and their families a weekend retreat to enjoy relaxing time with loved ones. Learn more about how Vacation for Vets serves our Veterans in this week’s Friday Focus.

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